Gas chromatography is the most frequently used method for quick analysis of complex chemical compounds and the assessment of their purity. It is meant for substances or their derivatives, which are transformed into gas under the influence of the applied temperatures and are not subject to decomposition.


In a situation when the determined components are included in a less volatile matrix (fluids, solids) the gas chromatography with the static method headspace (HS) can be applied. It is based on the analysis of the gas phase which is in equilibrium with the liquid or the solid phase.

We offer the possibility to carry out the following determinations:

  • identification and quantitative determinations of residual solvents class 1, 2 and 3,
  • determinations of other border impurities,
  • determinations of the fatty acids composition,
  • determination of raw material purity,
  • verification and reproduction of the customer’s methods while ensuring they are adapted to available equipment,
  • validation and method transfer,
  • creation and optimisation of analytical methods.

Validations and transfers of analytical methods are performed in accordance with the ICH Q2(R1) guidelines.



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