Liquid chromatography is currently one of the most common methods in analytical chemistry due to the possibility of a rapid separation and determination of the analyte in samples with complex matrices.

We offer the possibility to carry out the identification and content analysis of the active substances and the content of impurities in active substances and medicinal products. We also analyze a number of substances and medicinal products, including antibiotics, proteins and sugars. We determine the analyte content with a low level of concentration in samples collected after cleaning of production lines. We also participate in validations and transfers of analytical methods.

We also have the Waters collector of fractions which allows us to collect the fractions of substances that have been chromatographically separated by the HPLC device which are then used to perform the qualitative and quantitative determinations.



Bożena Tejchman-Małecka, M.Sc.
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Jacek Stadnik, M.Sc.
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