Presence or lack of c.1473 + 1G> T mutation in gene ADAMTS17 causing PLL illnesses of different breeds of dogs such as primary lens luxation. It occurs in dogs at different ages and may result in blindness.

The general inheritance of the PLL is autosomatically recessive, therefore the illness does not have to develop in carries of the mutation during their lifetime. This means that the pup has to receive one copy of the faulty recessive gene from both parents. The parents who are in this case the carries or sick animals.

Requirements of submitted samples

The samples are prepared from the swabs of the inner part of the cheek by means of the so-called „smear”.

The kit for self-swab taking with instructions

Material is taken by means of rubbing the end of the swab in the inner part of the dog’s cheek and securing it by placing it in a plastic sleeve

Our customers are provided with an easy to use kit together with instructions  on how to take the swab.

The scope of tests: it is possible to perform tests of other mutations depending on interest.



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