Our offer also includes the possibility to prepare a permanent, temporary or temporary culture including the supply of bacteria and fungi in the  2-21 L scale (taking into account the particular culture of the E. Coli strain) which is complaint with the lab scale and the small pilot scale.

We also have a multi year experience in designing, optimising and carrying out the culture with the use of bioreactors. The lab is equipped with the high quality equipment giving us an opportunity to carry out full production phase of the input biological material both for research purposes as well as the implementation ones (production upstream – preparation of inoculum, running the production culture, isolation of biomass and isolation of the input material for further production works).

Currently the Biosynthesis lab has 3 bioreactors by New Brunswick / Eppendorf.

  • 1X BioFlo 310 7.5L + additional device 7.5 L – sterilisation on the autoclave, volume 2 – 5.5 L,
  • 2X BioFlo 415 14 L – SIP sterilisation, volume 4 – 10.5 L.

Cultures can be carried out up to high optical densities HCDC with the full control of the process and division into  production and seed fermentor. All bioreactors are provided with validation documentation and are equipped with the BioCommand Track and Trend software as well as BioCommand Batch Control, which allow full monitoring of production processes. This allows us to monitor the changes of parameters, checking the provided values, introducing alarm settings as well as creating reports regarding the given process with the purpose of optimising and creating full documentation of culturing processes.

In addition the biosynthesis lab is equipped with:

  • incubator with Innova 43 New Brunswick / Eppendorf shaking,
  • high pressure disintegrator GEA Niro Soavi Panda Plus 1000,
  • homogeniser SilentCrusher Heidolph,
  • moisture analyser MAC50 by RADWAG,
  • ultrasonic sonicator GEX-600+ultrasonic processor by SIGMA and U200S by IKA,
  • a system for static filtration TFF (Tangential Flow Filtration) Pellicon® Cassettes TFF MILLIPORE,
  • a system of filtration capsules OPTICAP Millipore,
  • filtration device with replaceable membranes,
  • efficient system of peristaltic pumps Masterflex,
  • Avanti J-26XP Beckman centrifuge with the function of flow centrifuge.
Bioflo 415


Agnieszka Romanik-Chruścielewska, M.Sc.
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Iwona Sokołowska, M.Sc.
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