We offer the possibility to prepare starters on the basis of the provided sequences of the desired DNA insert and the provided biological material, amplification reactions of the desired DNA fragment, all the necessary DNA purification stages as well as the introduction of the prokaryotic expression vector. Genetic constructs will be prepared on the basis of the commercially available vectors and our own patented expression systems developed at IBA. Optionally – obtaining the requested protein on the lab scale.

Use of Ubp1 protease analog to produce recombinant human growth hormone in Escherichia coli.
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Isolation and characterization of a ColE1-like plasmid from Enterobacter agglomerans with a novel variant of rom gene.
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A novel system for stable, high-level expression from the T7 promoter.

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Expression of yeast deubiquitination enzyme UBP1 analogues in E. coli”.
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ATTENTION! The material provided by the customer:

  • matrix DNA or its sequence only,
  • information about the required benchmark sequence,
  • expression bacteria provided by the customer (in the situation of introducing to the expression bacteria tother than those used at IBA),
  • expression vectors provided by the customer (in the situation of introducing to expression bacteria other than those used at IBA).

Planned duration: as agreed with the customer.



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