The plasmid vectors are the primary element used for creating the expression systems related to the production of recombined proteins with therapeutic properties. Stable presence of such vector as well as its characteristics in the bacterial strain give an opportunity to define the process of fermentation and the production of proteins at an industrial scale. One of the characteristics of plasmids is the number of its copies (PCN), which has an impact on the level of protein expression.

The IBA team has defined a method to determine the number of plasmid copies in the host’s strain by using the real-time PCR method. We offer the possibility to prepare the method of PCN that is adjusted to your needs.

New cloning and expression vector derived from Escherichia coli plasmid pIGWZ12; a potential vector for a two-plasmid expression system.

Zaleski P, Wawrzyniak P, Sobolewska A, Mikiewicz D, Wojtowicz-Krawiec A, Chojnacka-Puchta L, Zielinski M, Plucienniczak G, Plucienniczak A Plasmid. 2012 May;67(3):264-71.

The analysis covers: preparation of the sample, design and optimisation of the starters allowing for the specific reaction, preparing the calibration curve, carrying out reactions and the analysis in accordance with the requirements of the customer. Determinations are performed with the use of the following device: MX5000P Agilent Technologist.



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