The team carries out the culture of primordial cells from chicken embryos, analysing the expression of human proteins. We offer different methods of molecular biology (including the construction of various vectors for expression in eukaryotic and bacteria cells) and cell biology. We are also elaborating methods of transfection and cryoconservation of eukaryotic cells.

We offer cytometric analysis within the following scope:

  • defining the parameters of apoptosis and viability of cells,
  • effectiveness of cells transfection with the use of vectors with the marker/ reporter gene,
  • determinations of cell surface markers,
  • analysis of cell cycle,
  • others, as needed.

Bioimaging effectiveness of transfection with marker genes can also be prepared by using fluorescent microscope Axio Vert.A1 Zeiss. We also have the digital cell sorter BD FACSAria which is equipped with three lasers: blue (488 nm), red (633 nm) and violet (407 nm) and an advanced incubator CO2 Galaxy 48 R and system for cryoconservation  of cells CL8800 CryoLogic.

Linki do publikacji

Obtaining chicken primordial germ cells used for gene transfer: in vitro and in vivo results
Luiza Chojnacka-Puchta, Dorota Sawicka, Pawel Lakota, Grazyna Plucienniczak, Marek Bednarczyk, Andrzej Plucienniczak;

Cryoconservation of Chicken Blastodermal Cells: Effects of Slow Freezing, Vitrification, Cryoprotestant Type and Thawing Method During In Vitro Processing
Dorota Sawicka, Luiza Chojnacka-Puchta, Jadwiga Brzezińska, Pawel Lakota, Marek Bednarczyk;

Changes in Quail Blastodermal Cell Status as a Result of Selection
Dorota Sawicka, Kamila Samek, Luiza Chojnacka-Puchta, Andrzej Witkowski, Sebastian Knaga, Michalina Dębowska, Marek Bednarczyk;

Flow cytometric analysis of apoptosis in cryoconserved chicken primordial germ cells.
Dorota Sawicka, Luiza Chojnacka-Puchta, Zielinski Marcin, Plucienniczak Grazyna, Plucienniczak Andrzej, Bednarczyk Marek;

Primordial germ cells (PGCs) as a tool for creating transgenic chickens
L. Chojnacka-Puchta K. Kasperczyk G. Płucienniczak D. Sawicka M. Bednarczyk;

Efficient Source of Cells in Proximal Oviduct for Testing Non-Viral Expression Constructs in the Chicken Bioreactor Model and for Other in Vitro Studies
Katarzyna Stadnicka, Magdalena Bodnar, Andrzej Marszałek, Anna Bajek, Tomasz Drewa,Grazyna Płucienniczak, Luiza Chojnacka-Puchta,
Violetta Cecuda-Adamczewska, Aleksandra Dunislawska, and Marek Bednarczyk;

Cryoconservation of Embryonic Cell and Gametes as a Poultry Biodiversity Preservation Method
Dorota Sawicka, Jadwiga Brzezińska, Marek Bednarczyk.

Expression of recombinant human bifunctional peptidylglycine α-amidating monooxygenase in CHO cells and its use for insulin analogue modification.

Marcin Zieliński, Anna Wójtowicz-Krawiec, Diana Mikiewicz, Małgorzata Kęsik-Brodacka, Violetta Cecuda-Adamczewska, Alina Marciniak-Rusek, Iwona Sokołowska, Natalia Łukasiewicz, Lidia Gurba, Michał Odrowąż-Sypniewski, Piotr Baran, Grażyna Płucienniczak, Andrzej Płucienniczak, Piotr Borowicz, Bogusław Szewczyk.

Real fluorescence microscopic view of human cells - human lung fibroblasts


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