We offer the possibility to perform determinations in a modern gas chromatograph such as 6890N by Agilent with a split/ splitless type dispenser and the automatic sampler such as COMBI PAL by CTC Analytics. The system is adapted to:

  • liquid injection,
  • headspace injection,
  • solid phase micro extraction.

The GC device is combined with the mass detector and the MS/MS tandem quadrupole by Waters. The mass detector can also work independently of the GC model as it is equipped with a probe for direct injection of the sample, in the liquid or solid state. Detector is equipped with an ionisation source with electrons (EI) as well as the source for chemical ionisation (CI). The quadrupole analyser allows to register:

  • parent ions,
  • daughter ions,
  • neutral loss.


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Jacek Stadnik, M.Sc.
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