1. In order to collect material the swab needs to be removed from the plastic sleeve.
  2. After opening there should be no contact with the cotton part of the swab nor should it be in touch with any non-sterile surface.
  3. Before taking the swab the animal should not have any food.
  4. To perform the swab the epithelium from the inner part of the cheek is needed – please place the swab in the dog’s mouth and rub the swab 15 times back and forth by touching the cotton side on the epithelium. The second swab is used to do the same on the other (inner) part of the cheek.
  5. After taking the swab it needs to be placed directly in the sleeve and cannot be dried.
  6. Signed short form (included in the envelope) about the dog needs to be filled in and attached with the swabs which need to be sent to:

Piotr Kierył

IBAkteria Sp. z o.o
ul. Starościńska 5/5
02-516 Warsaw, POLAND

  1. Precise instructions shall be provided with the kit. In case of any doubt please contact us so that you do not need to repeat the test.


Attention – just placing the saliva on the swab is not enough as the epithelium cells are required.

Genetic testing culture swab and tube holder in blue background.


Piotr Kierył, M.Sc.
phone: + 48 22 37 86 227