We carry out the qualitative and quantitative analyses with the use of LC/MS/MS (MRM). We have two analytical systems:

The 4000 QTRAP LC/MS/MS System device combined with UFLC by Shimadzu® which allows us to monitor the selected reactions of fragmentation in the MRM mode (Multiple Reaction Monitoring). The system is used for quantitative determinations of proteins, peptides, amino acids, metabolites, drugs and a number of low molecular weight substances. It is also possible to carry out analyses in body fluids and biological matrices.

The Acquity UPLC system with a tandem quadrupole detector Quattro Premier XE by Waters is characterised by a high level of sensitivity, selectivity and accuracy. This broad scope of ionization options including the multi-mode option gives a possibility to change the manner of ionisation of the sample in one analytical cycle. The short duration of analysis as well as a low level of sample and reagent use allows acquiring a high level of effectiveness while ensuring low detection limits. This is particularly important when determining small particles such as medicines, metabolites, hormones and toxins. The applied technique is perfect for bioanalitical examinations to determine the level of substance concentration in biological matrices (blood, plasma, serum, urine), in the pharmacokinetic research, equivalence and biological accessibility and in clinical research as well as in environmental research, food safety and others.

Spektrometria LCMS


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