We are also equipped with Applied Biosystems mass spectrometer: 4800 Plus MALDI TOF/TOF. Determinations are performed within the scope ranging from m/z 600 up to 200 kDa with mass accuracy up to 1000 ppm in a linear mode and 50 ppm in a reflector mode. We also use the Tempo™ LC MALDI Spotting System (Applied Biosystems) which allows separating and fractioning samples in nano quantities. The acquired fractions are stored on a metal plate and can be used in further analysis on 4800 Plus MALDI-TOF/TOF.

We also perform the mass measurements of proteins, peptides, DNA and other organic substances.



Anna Bierczyńska-Krzysik, Ph.D.
phone: +48 22 37 86 232


Piotr Baran, M.Sc.
phone:+48 22 37 86 232