Our analyses are carried out with mass spectrometers such as Applied Biosystems: 4800 Plus MALDI-TOF/TOF and the 4000 QTRAP LC/MS/MS System. For the MALDI- TOF/TOF system mass spectra are acquired within the scope of 600 Da – 200 kDa and mass accuracy of up to 1000 ppm in a linear mode and 50 ppm in the reflector mode. The 4000 QTRAP LC/MS/MS device is used for determining low molecular weight substances from m/z 5 with a resolution >3000 for m/z 609 at the scanning speed of 250 amu/s. The 4000 QTRAP spectrometer is connected with a liquid chromatograph UFLC by Shimadzu®. High quality fragmentation spectra obtained from both spectrometers allow identification of the analyzed substances.

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