We offer the possibility to define and execute in the lab scale and in the small pilot phase methods of isolation and purification of proteins and peptides manufactured by production strains taking into account conditions that are crucial for transferring it into the mass scale production. The service may be carried out with the use of various chromatographic techniques: ion-exchange, hydrophobic, molecular filtration, affinity and others carried out in the environment of low and high pressure (FPLC and HPLC) in room temperature or the temperature of freezer. The final product may be provided in the form of a solution or lyophilisate with the required or the possible to acquire purity.

Our employees are experienced in defining, optimising and carrying out the process of purifying the recombined proteins which hav a pharmaceutical use. The lab is equipped with high quality equipment giving us an opportunity to purify proteins in the quantities that can be used for lab work and scaling the purification process, which include:

  • Two preparative devices NGC™ QUEST 100 Bio-Rad with an effective system of pumps with the flows of up to 100 ml/min;
  • A system for static filtration TFF (Tangential Flow Filtration) Pellicon® Cassettes TFF MILLIPORE;
  • HPLC sets: analytical and preparative by WATERS;
  • Devices for vertical electrophoresis of proteins;
  • Spectrophotometers: HELIOS beta produced by TCHERMO ELEKTRON CORP., NICOLET EVOLUTION60 produced THERMO SCIENTIFIC;
  • Lyophilisators: MARTIN CHRIST ALPHA1-4 LOC-1, MARTIN CHRIST ALPHA 2-4 LSC for DONSERV ampoules;
  • Avanti J-26XPI centrifuge by Beckman, ultracentrifuge L7-55W/R produced by Beckman;
  • Freezing room by AMPOL;
  • Chromatographers AKTA EXPLORER10S produced by GE Healthcare;
  • Analyser of proteins/ DNA by Perlan Technologies;
  • A device for semi-dry transfer by BIO-RAD;
  • A desktop homogeniser T25 DIGITAL by IKA;

We also offer the possibility to carry out complete biosynthesis and purification of recombined proteins in the lab scale and small pilot scale (Upstream and downstream production).

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